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Strictly Snook from Florida Expands to Strictly Fishing

We are very proud to announce that the fishing show known as..."STRICTLY SNOOK FROM FLORIDA"...is going to a two-hour format Starting Sept. 3rd, 2005.  Even our name has been changed.  The new name of the show is...."STRICTLY FLORIDA FISHING". 
We will cover all aspects of fishing here in Fla.  The new format will include FRESHWATER...OFFSHORE & INSHORE fishing. 
The new show hours will be from...6 AM - 8 AM. Every Saturday morning on 790 AM THE TICKET in Miami.
Tim Mullin will continue as co-host of the show with Mr.Todd Kersey and occasionally, Capt. Ron Hueston of Naples acting as co/host & South West coast expert.
The new format should be very exciting for our listeners!  It's an interesting mix of new techniques, products, guests & fishing savvy streching along both coasts here in Fla. 
We will also post our NEW web site shortly with a much different look than before.
THANK YOU to all who have stuck by our side & helped to make this little dream come true!  We certainly hope you enjoy the new show & hours!
Tim Mullin
Host of
"Strictly Snook From Florida"
SportsTalk 790 AM
Saturdays 7-8 AM